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Solar Heating Systems

There are diverse types of solar heating systems Most commonly known and used to heat water are for domestic uses like:

  • Solar Pool Heating Panels
  • Domestic Solar Geyser (household)
  • Other available products : pool filters and heat pumps

The most popular for swimming pools, using utilizing inert black plastic polymers that will not be corroded by pool chemicals or eroded by water. Concepts with capillary tubes allows the solar pool heating panels not to implode. The Capillary tube design furthermore reduces wind resistance, reducing the strain from wind on system and preventing it from being blown off the roof.

To retain the heat in the swimming pool and prevent water evaporation, a heat retention cover should be high on the priority list.  A Roll-up station will ease the opening and closing of the cover for larger swimming pools.

The common household geyser can be transformed to a Solar Geyser by adding a Solar Collector (panel) to an existing geyser (where applicable).

pool heating and gyser systems

As can be seen in above image : Solar pool panels | Solar Geyser | Heat Pump | Pool Filter and Pump