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Solar Heating Systems

It's time to change your lifestyle..

The term "Global Warming",  is not the future, it is happening as you read this. The right thing to do is  to change your association and mindset  with how you see energy and where it comes from. 

By changing your lifestyle and solarising your swimming pool and geyser, every person will be helping the environment and save on electricity usage.

Now is the best time to make use of solar energy power from the sun to heat your swimming pool and your geyser.  

Once installed, it will supply you with free warm water for all your houshold needs, helping the environment while doing so, you'll be glad you did. 

Free power, while save for the environment it saves you financially monthly on your electrical energy account. The environmental aspects are furthermore extremely significant, as solar heating systems are clean and non-polluting.

Solar power water heating systems gives you peace of mind, knowing that you'll always have warm water for swimming and for your household needs.

Through study and experimenting Solar Heating Systems t/a Solnet cc, has set the tone in the solar heating industry to accommodate the harsh South African weather conditions. We now provide a variety of these solar heating systems at inexpensive prices to you, the buyer.  Solar heating systems uses the free power/energy {UV-rays} from the sun, heating the solar systems and making maintenance charges overall much less. 

The ecological facets are furthermore highly important, as solar heating system products are clean and non-polluting. A major plus factor for all concerned. It helps keeping our environment a safer place for all to live in.  

Solar heating is safe and gives you ease of mind to heat your swimming pool | Geyser | Jacuzzi.  

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